Al Roker Weight Loss: A Story Unknown!

Since 1974, you have seen Al Roker on your TV screens. From being a journalist to a weatherman, Al has made his name as a television personality. Indeed his hard work of all these years is paying off.

But as said, life is not perfect for anyone. Every person has some downs in their life. And so has the life of Al Roker’s. After everything he has been gone through, what are his thought on his weight loss journey? Let’s find out!

Who is Al Roker?

Albert Lincoln Roker Jr., a.k.a Al Roker, has been a weather forecaster, actor, and Television personality since 1974. Recently, Al has also stepped up as an author and co-authored a murder mysteries series.

Born on August 20, 1954, Roker has been married twice. First with the WNBC producer Alice Bell from which he later got divorced after ten years. After that, Roker married his fellow journalist, Deborah Roberts, who had a “Mixed-weight” marriage.

In all his life span, Al has had a major issue of weight loss. Some aspects might justify it. Still, to a certain extent, Al Roker lost control over his self. Let us see what all the matter with Al Roker Weight loss battle is over the years.

Al Roker Weight Loss Journey

Al Roker Weight Loss before after

Al Roker had a Carb-Filled Childhood

In his Book “Never Goin’ Back,” Al explained how his Father’s income in their childhood was not enough for the family of eight. Being a Bus Driver, the money he bought a home only fulfilled the basics.

Al says that just like any other middle-class mother, his mum used carbs to stretch the meals so that his all family could have a proper one-time meal.

Growing up, all favorites of Al were meals that make you gain weight. Some of them, as Al narrates, were pancakes, potatoes, mac and cheese, grilled cheese with tomato soup, and Jamaican peas with rice.

So how can Al Roker save himself from getting a weight of 350 pounds on himself? Sounds impossible if you think about that!

Al Roker’s weight affected his marriage

My wife is size 4, she runs, she workouts,” says Al Roker.

Al Roker got married to Deborah Roberts after getting a Divorce from Alice Bell. As they have been married for almost 26 years now, Al felt the pressure of not feeling worthy in front of his wife.

Al Roker names his wedding as “Mixed Weight” marriage since his wife Deborah was a size four active lady who cared for her fitness by all means.

Al takes a toll on his relationship with his wife Deborah Roberts, as sometimes she gets frustrated about Al not losing weight. Deborah also thought that it might be for Al, that their relationship was not worth it, so he could not make any efforts to look better.

To all her worries, Al Roker always blamed himself for not being good enough for her. However, he did nothing practical about it.

Nevertheless, sitting back and thinking about what you have done wrong cannot make anything right. Right?

AL Roker Made Promise to his dying Father

The highest weight numbers Al Roker tipped were at 340 pounds. It was all due to his worries of not feeling good as he thought he was. Al also blames it upon the fact that back then, he enjoyed eating food.

Al Roker’s parents, since his childhood, tried to sign him up for weight loss programs. They thought that maybe he would lose weight and become a healthy eater.

Nothing changed his attitude. It was thus all in vain until his dying Father asked him to make a deathbed promise, to “swear to god” that he will shed few pounds off him.

Al Roker explained this feeling like a massive responsibility, which someone you love has put on your shoulders.

Al says that you may feel guilty, but there is no choice other than to commit to it. Additionally, it was the same time Al Roker’s wife Deborah found out she was pregnant with their child Nicky. It was his queue to feel worthy enough to take a chance.

Al Roker’s Father died after two weeks of taking weight loss promise from him.

Al Roker had an Unsuccessful Gastric Bypass Surgery

In 2002, to lose weight, Al decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery. He lost 100 pounds or around 45 kg weight off from his 350-pound weighing body.

However, Al had some side effects of gastric bypass surgery. He did lose some pounds but gained back a few.

Al says that after having gastric bypass surgery, people think doctors have reconstructed their inner parts. They feel safe and think that whatever they eat, the stomach will digest it in no time.

Al Roker shares his memory of walking in White House’s pressroom after eating something he was not supposed to eat. He said that he felt a little gas before going inside the room. Al stopped beside the room and said to himself, “who’s going to know?”

But then, “Only a little something extra came out.” He pooped his pants that day.

Al Roker’s Mother affected his weight

Al Roker Weight Loss journey

Not only the food his mother cooked but also her death made Al gain few pounds back.

As Al Roker narrates, in 2011, his mother got sick and was admitted to the hospital. While she was hospitalized, Al Roker slipped back into the habits he wanted to forget.

By the time his mother passed away, Al had ended up gaining 40 pounds. “I was out of my routine,” Al says that he was neither able to give enough time to his wife Deborah nor he was able to be there for his mother.

Al Roker always found comfort in food. He started eating more than he could digest, to console himself.

On top of that, it was also the hospital’s unhealthy meal that they gave to attendants. This unhealthy food made him lose his pace towards a healthy life.

While looking back to that tough time, Al knew that he had gone back, and he hated this feeling. Al now feels more responsible for keeping it from happening again.

But Now, Al Roker is a Changed Man

I am more in control, and I’m controlling food,” says the man himself as Roker explained about his changed relationship with food.

Al Roker has gotten rid of all carbs, even sugars. Roker has now realized that he can do what he calls getting control over his food and is the boss of his fate.

Al Roker even made a run in New York City Marathon. He is now on a keto diet and has finally figured out what the slow method is.

Al Roker’s Lifestyle Modifications

Al Roker explained his diet in his book, “Never Goin’ Back.” Al says that he knew he needed a successful formula to keep his lost weight at bay for good.

Here are some simple rules Al Roker has adopted as his Lifestyle modification

  • Making Weight Scale his new Best friend, Al weighs himself twice every day to check his lost pounds.
  • Regular Detox Cleanse; Al starts his day with a detox juice. At the beginning of his weight loss journey, Roker initially started a 28-days Detox plan where he stopped consuming caffeine, gluten, dairy, and sugar in any form. He’s lost weight in that time, was almost 28 pounds.

He still does detoxes occasionally, must after holidays.

  • Consuming Whole Food Diet: A major part of the Al Roker Diet is whole food. Al prefers a keto diet having high protein and fewer carbs in ratio.

Roker is currently avoiding anything that is processed or unnatural. As he narrates, he enjoys fruit smoothies, meats, and a large portion of fresh vegetables.

  • Decreasing Portion Size; Another useful tip Roker tells us is to control the portion size. Al keeps an eye on the portions he is consuming and eats from a smaller plate. On top of that, Al is also conscious about the calories he consumes.
  • Knowing your weakness, Al believes it is vital for anyone who wants to remain slim to know their food weaknesses and cravings, even if they have gastric bypass.

That way, they can control themselves when they fall into the same cycle without being guilty.

The Slow Method

Since Al Roker has decided to remain fit, exercise is part and parcel of his life. Al believes that by building muscles, you can burn your fat. For that, Al works out three days every week using the “Slow method” by a popular fitness trainer, Mellisa Li.

The basic slow method depends upon strength training, where each episode takes about 20 seconds to complete. In this method, your muscles are isolated and get exhausted after two minutes.

In these exercises, you have to be keen about performing them under professional supervision. Once learned, you can do them safely.

The slow method is best for older people who want to keep themselves in shape since these exercises involve lifting lighter weights.


Is Al Roker on a diet?

Yes, Al Roker is still on a diet as he does not wants to fall in the same pit.

How much did Al Roker weigh before he lost weight?

Al weighed 340 pounds initially.

How Al Roker became addicted to running?

A bigger part of Roker’s weight loss is exercising. Since then, he has become addicted to running and even ran the New York City Marathon by now.