Alec Baldwin Weight Loss: How Hilaria And Pete Helped Him?

Alec Baldwin is a name known if you were into CBS prime time soap opera “Knots Landing.” Recently, Alec Baldwin has reportedly lost 100 pounds and has become a topic for discussion since then.

Let us look into what was Alec Baldwin weight loss journey all over this time.

Who is Alec Baldwin?

Alexander Rae Baldwin III is an actor, writer, comedian, and recently an activist. Born on April 3, 1958, this 63 year old actor has played leading and supporting roles during his 40 years career as a TV personality.

Baldwin, best known as Jack Donaghy in the TV series 30 Rock, also played a role in movies Beetlejuice, The Cooler, and The Departed. Besides this, he is also the voice behind the movie Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa as the character Making.

Alec was first married to Kim Basinger, but they parted their ways in 2002. In 2012, he again tied a knot with Hilaria Thomas, with whom he has 6 kids.

Hilaria was not only Alec Baldwin’s wife but his motivation to lose weight. With her, he became a better version of himself.

How Alec Baldwin Saved His Health with the Help of Wife Hilaria?

Alec Baldwin Weight Loss journey

In her book “The Living Clearly Method,” Hilaria shares all the details that his health was “close to the brim” when she met Alec.

That time, Baldwin’s health was on edge. He was an undiagnosed pre-diabetic who could not digest even a bite of sugar without insulin disruption. Hilaria always feared that this could lead him to chronic disease.

Hilaria says that she always made a mental note as she quietly watched him eating his carbs, which weren’t good for him.

She says she felt so helpless and could only add things into a secret wish list, mentally jotting down what to tell Alec if he ever asks her.

As the two just started sating each other, Hilaria felt terrible about bringing up his bad habits into a discussion. She only kept wishing for a moment where she could point out his bad habits in front of him.

At last, Hilaria got the opportunity when Alec, on his trip to his yearly medical checkup, was told that his blood sugar is “at pre-diabetic levels,” and he has to reconsider his food choices.

This was an alarming wake-up call,” says Alec Baldwin’s wife. This news shocked him to the core. He immediately cut out all the carbs, including pasta, bakery items, refined foods, even fruits.

Alec’s wife, Hilaria, states that this was the moment his body was looking for all this time. Together, Alec and Hilaria have started eating healthy meals.

A healthy lifestyle is now helping Baldwin restored blood sugar levels to normal.

Pete Davidson Reveals How He Accidentally Helped Alec Baldwin Lose “100 Pounds” 

Recently. Pete Davidson made an appearance in “The Tonight Show,” starring Jimmy Fallon. Both Pete and Jimmy talked about how Pete has inspired Alec Baldwin’s weight loss, by telling him to work out for a sound body.

Davidson said to Jimmy Fallon that Baldwin, who had a gig of playing Donald Trump during the dog days in the 2010s, got impressed when Pete took off his shirt on the sets of Saturday Night Live.

Alec asked, “How do you do it?.” To its answer, Pete Davidson doesn’t want to sound rude and say that don’t be “an older boy.” 

So, Saturday night live star advised Baldwin to start doing 100 sit-ups every day. Now that is something unachievable in one day. But Alec got motivated and lost “like 100 pounds” to this push ups challenge.

Alec also confirmed this story in his appearance in the “The Howard Stern Show” and said he does more than that, “125, 150. You build up.”

Alec Baldwin Weight Loss FAQs 

Did Pete Davidson help Alec Baldwin lose weight?

Yes, as Baldwin looked up at Pete’s toned-up body, he got pretty impressed and asked for the secret. Pete told him to do 100 push ups, and so he lost like 100 pounds.

What size is Hilaria Baldwin?

Hilaria Baldwin currently weighs 119lbs/54 kg and is size 6.

How Many Pounds Did Alec Shed?

It looks like Alec has shed 100 bounds. Now his tummy is all tucked in, his jawline is sharper, and his face is smaller now.