Amanda Batula Weight Loss: Weight Is Not The Number!

Amanda Batula made her name from the TV show “Summer House”. During the first season, Amanda weighed around 55Kgs. You can say she was on her heaviest. It may not look obvious; still, Amanda had some fats around her whole body.

But, now that it was season 2, her fans got utterly shocked by the Amanda Batula weight loss. The Summer House veteran clearly has shown significant progress over time, and the viewers cannot go by except appreciating her efforts.

How she achieved a toned figure in much less time is not a mystery, as she has given statements about her weight loss on many platforms. Let us have a look inside her weight loss journey.

Who is Amanda Batula?

Amanda Batula is an American TV personality, best known for her reality show, Summer House. Born on July 24, 1991, Amanda is a creative director and also a Graphic designer.

Amanda has done her Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of Connecticut. From these days, she has worked as a graphic manager and designer at her university magazine “The Daily Campus.”

Amanda is a young, outspoken woman with outstanding creative skills and personality. The Summer House star first appeared as a guest in Season 1. Then due to a tremendous response from fans, the director cast her permanently in the series.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Journey

Amanda’s Appearance in the reality tv series

When she first came to Summer House, Amanda Batula says that she was on her heaviest version. It may not be so much visible, but the actress weighed almost 55kg at that time.

But her appearance in the second season left everyone in a shock as the difference was visible now.

The Q/A Session

The fans were curious, so much that they had a Question and Answer session about the Amanda Batula weight loss.

In this session, Summer House star revealed that she had lost almost 20 pounds. As it is a considerable number to achieve in such a short period, Amanda told fans that she now has a balanced weight all over her body. Her face also seems pretty slim now.

Amanda Batula doesn’t believe in weighing herself

In the same question and answer session, the summer house star shared that she is unsure about her weight loss in numbers. The reason for this miscount is that she never weighs herself on the scale.

Amanda states that “I refused to step on the scale.” However, whenever her fans or an interviewer asks her about her weight loss, she says she believes 15 to 20 pounds.

For Amanda, weight gain or loss is just a number. So she stops going up on the scale because if she does that, Amanda will start worrying even if she has a typical physique.

A good body is the one that fits

Amanda says, “what mattered for me was how I felt in the clothes.”

As she ultimately refused to step up on the scale, the number never made her afraid of her fatness. The dresses started getting misfit.

According to Amanda, you have a sound body if you are comfortable wearing your favorite pair of jeans and clothes.

She says that what is vital to her is how she is feeling wearing her favorite clothes. Are they looking good on her? Or they feel tighten up. Amanda tries to lose weight unless she feels good.

Secrets of Amanda Batula Weight Loss!

If you see Amanda’s before and after the weight loss, you will think of a heavy workout routine as its secret.

To your surprise, it isn’t this way. As Amanda states, she was never a working-out person.

Hence, she thought of doing weight loss the other way around and avoid bad food. Same advice as within Abby Lee Miller weight loss.

For that, she reached out to a nutritionist and figured out what her body needed. Amanda told, “That’s what I’ve been doing ever since,” as she made a diet plan and was stuck to it.

Amanda swears by the two things she incorporated in her eating habits,

Bullet proof coffee is a blend of coffee, Brain Octane Oil, and some ghee or butter. Amanda shared, “I drink bulletproof coffee on the days that I’m intermittent fasting.”

Amanda Batula says that this drink is full of healthy fats and keeps her full for the whole day until she eats lunch. This way, she doesn’t feel starved as she is getting the energy that keeps her charged until her late lunchtime.

Moreover, Amanda swears by the method of intermittent fasting and Bulletproof Coffee as this is what worked best for her.

During an interview, Batula also stated that she has cut out all sugar and carbs. Even she wasn’t fond of eating fruits as they had natural sugar in them.

Since she is now healthier than before, Amanda is slowly introducing sugar and carb back into her diet to maintain her weight.

Amanda even says that her weight fluctuates up or down 5 to 10 lbs, but she never worries about it. As long her favorite pair of jeans fit, she is the happiest woman alive.

Amanda Batula’s Gut Issues

The actress also got Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth Disease a few years back. In this disease, the harmful bacteria are more extensive than the good one and causes bloating.

Whenever Amanda tried eating anything, her stomach became bloated, which looked like she had a weight gain. Doctors recommended expensive treatments that weren’t well suited to her body.

So Batula started the FODMAP Diet plan that worked out for her weight issues.

With time, Amanda started doing intermittent fasting and taking Bulletproof coffee. All these things had a collective effect on her, and she had promising body changes.

Amanda Batula Weight Now

The heart-throbbing Summer House Star Amanda Batula weighs 50kgs after she lost 20 pounds off her body. As she says, her body is now back to her wonderful college days.

Amanda Batula Tips To Weight Loss

During her struggle to treat her gut issues and lose weight, Amanda had a worthy experience of her life. She recommends the following tips if you are too looking for the solutions like her.

  • Start doing intermittent fasting in the time ratios that suit you well.
  • Cut out all the fattening sugar and carbs from your diet and try eating less.
  • Lose weight as much as you are comfortable. Don’t follow any specific number as every person has different needs.
  • Don’t skip your cravings entirely, instead feed them in small doses. That way, you will satisfy yourself, and there are no adverse effects on your weight loss plans.

Indeed, Amanda has set the standards of self-love by losing weight in an easier way possible. You can also try following her pathways or make your journey to self-satisfaction. After all, it’s your body and your comfort.