Andrea Bocelli Weight Loss: It Is Not What You Think!

Have you ever seen your favorite celebrity back on screen after a long time and noted a slight change in them. If yes, then it is natural to wonder what has even happened. Is it due to any diet plan that the person has followed, or are they ill?

The same happened with Andrea Bocelli as on his classical music performance at Duomo Cathedral for Easter Sunday.

Fans noticed that he had lost a few pounds. It made quite a news on social media, and a person even asked this from Andre’s Wife, Victoria Berti Bocelli.

Was it true or an illusion to your eye? Let’s have a look.

Who is Andrea Bocelli?

In case you don’t know, Andrea Bocelli is an Italian singer and a multi-instrumentalist. Bocelli started his career by singing on the bars. Here, he used to play opera and finance his law studies.

Andrea Bocelli was a congenital glaucoma patient in his Childhood. He even lost his eyesight when he was at the age of 12.

All these traumas never let him down. Andrea Bocelli not only completed his studies but also has practiced law for few years.

It was his love for the music that Andrea opted for singing over his law career. Andrea Bocelli has composed over 90 million songs and got his name written in the Genius Book of World Record.

Andrea Bocelli Weight Loss Rumor

Andrea Bocelli’s Live Performance in Duomo Cathedral

As the world was in the chaos of the Corona Virus outbreak, there was an environment of fear and uncertainty.

In these times, Andrea Bocelli decided to take the stage and pray for the well-being of humans all around the world.

On April 12, 2020, the day of Christian Easter, Andrea Bocelli went on YouTube live stream for his concert “Music For Hope” from Duomo di Milano cathedral. This classical live stream gained over 900k likes and 37.8 million views and was a massive hit.

Indeed this music gave millions of people worldwide an optimistic message that one day they will be out of this viral disease.

However, fans noticed that he was looking leaner than before. People love to take an insight into a celebrity’s personal life, and they did the same for Andrea Bocelli as he lost weight.

Andrea Bocelli Weight Loss Rumor

The Opera singer Andrea Bocelli’s weight loss gossips spread all across the internet. As he performed classical music on this live Easter session, looked like Andrea Bocelli lose weight.

His fans thought that maybe he was ill or going through any other problems. However, Andrea Bocelli does not have any illness. He even hasn’t lost any significant weight as it seemed to be.

Post on Victoria Berti Bocelli’s page

People do have seen Bocelli weight loss in that YouTube live stream. One of his fans posted that if Andrea was ill on Andre’s wife, Victoria Berti Bocelli page.

But Victoria never replied to this query. So, the person deleted this post after some time.

The Reality of weight loss

Andrea Bocelli is not too much fond of sharing his every update with his fans. Even on Instagram, there are no such posts that could lead fans to any answers. There are only questions about his weight loss.

Some thoughts on “All About Andrea Bocelli Weight Loss!”

If we could answer it, we may say that losing some pounds and gaining a few overtime is part of life. It is not a big deal to discuss and make news out of it.

Another way you can look into this matter is the way a person dresses up. There are over thousands of tutorials you can watch online to make yourself appear thinner than you are. The same has happened to Andrea Bocelli; his clothing style has made him appear that he lost weight, even if he didn’t.

While recording a video, the director has to focus on the lighting and angles of the camera. Here is Andrea’s weight loss case; this transformation can also be the result of camera angles.

Andrea Bocelli Diagnosed Positive for COVID-19

Few days before the concert, Andrea posted on Facebook about his family’s health. He told his fans that they are all diagnosed with Corona Virus but are fortunate enough to go through this without causalities.

Andrea hadn’t posted it before since he wasn’t willing to spread hassle in his fans. As his family is all set, he decided to take on the media and posted his COVID 19 journey. Reportedly, they all are enjoying an everyday healthy life after this suffering.

It can also be the reason that Andrea may lose weight or looked pale.

Andrea’s Physical Appearance

If you have been an Andrea Bocelli fan for quite some time, you have noticed he never got fat and bulky. So being lean is in his genetics.

From a young age and till now, he never gained weight so much that he started to become the talk of the town. So these minor weight fluctuations are natural to him.

Andrea’s Childhood

Back to the time when he wasn’t even born, the doctors advised his parents to abort him as he may have significant health issues as he grew. Congenital glaucoma and the loss of eyesight all confirmed what the doctors said to the Bocelli couple.

Hence, people around him thought the Bocelli weight loss and gain was the symptom of bad health. For now, Andrea is not going through any significant health problems.

Diet Plan for Andrea Bocelli weight loss

Andrea Bocelli Weight Loss before after

Andrea’s eating habits can also be the reason he loses weight as his fans have noticed. Check out our Burn Lab Pro review if you want fast results in weight loss. Following are a few reasons that the Italian 61-year-old singer was never a fat person.

  • Never overeating

Andrea is not fond of overeating since his Childhood. His mother used many ways to lure him into eating. For her, Andrea was never an easy child at all.

  • Having hard life

In his law years, as he was struggling for both ends to meet, he had to work into a bar along with his studies.

Andrea Bocelli says that he could hardly manage the expenses, thus leaving nothing for luxurious food. He was busy building success at that time, so he lived as simple as he could.

  • Avoiding Sweets

Andrea Bocelli is not into sweets. The only dessert he fondly eats is the fried doughnut with vanilla icing that his house cook used to make.

Andrea says that he has a good cook, and he can only eat the dishes and desserts that she makes occasionally.

  • Avoiding Oily food

Andrea is not into oily and heavy foods as he lives a tough life going here and there for his profession.

  • Eating Simple Pasta

Being Italian, you can never say no to the pasta. Andrea, too loves to eat it but not in fancy sauces. Except, he goes for a simple pasta cooked with olive oil as he doesn’t want to waste his time cooking.

  • Eating Vegetable

Andrea loves to eat as many vegetables as he can as it is suitable for his health.

  • Drinking water

Andrea keeps himself hydrated even in his most arduous routines.

  • Cutting Alcohol and coffee

Additionally, he has cut any alcohol, except for few sips during any party. Bocelli likes a good cup of coffee, but not as usual.

  • Dining in Simple

Going on a dine out in a restaurant, he has few likings. Andrea is not into fancy dining, and he prefers simple food with quality ingredients.

These tips of eating simple can help you to maintain your weight. So, eat simple and live healthily.