Finding A New Normal With Narcolepsy


 “Sharon Castellano Torledsky shares her decades-long journey coming to terms with narcolepsy” Most of my long-term friends and family still think of me the way I was before narcolepsy. I had so much energy and didn’t require a lot of sleep. I would go, go, go. I was like a hurricane. I have dyslexia, but …

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Understanding Balance Billing And When It’s Not Legal

Balance Billing

CVC Director of Patient Services Lauren Ruiz explains the basics about balance billing. Balance billing is already a hot topic this year in health care. Of course, like many health care practices, most people don’t understand or hear about balance billing until they experience it—in the form of an unexpected bill for hundreds or thousands …

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6 Awesome Tax Tips To Know Before You File

Tax Tips

As the holidays end and the New Year begins, tax season looms large for all of us. Many people are more than happy to file their returns as soon as they receive all the tax documents, knowing a nice refund awaits that may be automatically deposited into their bank account. For others, filing taxes is …

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Animal Companionship – 2021 Update

Animal Companionship

Animals are providing more patients bright spots in the midst of difficulty, thanks to a growing arena of health research. Almost any patient can request visits from dogs as part of Dogs on Call at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Medical Center in Richmond. The program’s volunteers have heard “so many” success stories, says Dr. Sandra …

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