Burn Lab Pro Review: The Ultimate Diet Supplement For A UFC Body?

If you find yourself envying the athletic physique of UFC fighters, then this Burn Lab Pro Review is perhaps just what you need.

After all, who wouldn’t want to achieve the perfect balance of strength, endurance, and explosiveness sported by these talented and shredded martial artists? Even as a kid in Egypt, I was a big fan of Muhammad Ali and always wanted to be like him.

I would often ask my parents to send me for boxing classes — but to no avail.

Today, I am far from being a world-class boxer. In fact, I am just your regular neighborly chemist. However, the dream to build a physique like my childhood heroes is still alive.

Hi! My name is Mohamed Elhosary, and here’s how Burn Lab Pro could help you achieve your dream body.

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My Experience

From fad diets that eliminate entire food groups to intermittent fasting, there is very little I have not tried throughout my weight loss journey. Then one day, my sister, who achieved significant weight loss results after trying the Lean Bean, introduced me to the world of fat-burning supplements.

Before her experience, I would blindly dismiss fat burners that promised to “melt away fat in X days.” However, after conducting extensive research on the subject, I found a few reliable weight loss supplements on the market backed by clinical trials.

Then one fine morning I chanced upon a video featuring Aljamain Sterling. For the uninitiated, Aljamain is signed with the UFC and is a former Cage Fury Fighting Championships Bantamweight Champion.

In the video, he endorsed the Burn Lab Pro fat burner and explained how the formulation made it an ideal supplement. I was hooked and decided to conduct further research to determine whether it is an effective fat burner.

So, I got together with a few colleagues from pharma testing labs to test the product and went over a few online Burn Lab Pro reviews.

Finally, I compiled my findings in this Burn Lab Pro Review for your reference. On that note, you may also check out bodybuilding supplements like Anvarol for a ripped and lean body.

What Is The Burn Lab Pro Fat Burner?

Burn Lab ProThe Burn Lab Pro fat burner is a fat-burning supplement that delivers what it promises. That said, it may help users lose weight by burning fat while retaining muscle mass. And unlike other fat burners that may contain harmful ingredients, this product is made of stim-free, all-natural ingredients.

In other words, the unique formula is free of stimulants, so caffeine-sensitive users may also use the Burn Lab Pro for their weight loss needs without thinking twice. On the other hand, coffee and tea enthusiasts don’t have to part with their daily cup of joe or fear staying up all night after taking this supplement.

And although caffeine does boost fat burning and energy levels, this fat loss formula makes up for the loss in creative ways. Nevertheless, the Burn Lab Pro is teeming with powerhouse ingredients that may aid in maintaining calorie intake, support regular high-intensity training, and feed lean muscle growth.

What’s more, my research and editorial team have found that all of these cutting-edge ingredients are free of GMO, soy, gluten, and animal products. Needless to say, the Burn Lab pro offers an organic and healthy fat-burning journey. I’d also suggest you check out other effective weight loss supplements like the PhenQ fat burner

How Does The Burn Lab Pro Work?

The Burn Lab Pro employs a three-step strategy that targets body fat, boosts exercise performance, and improves lean muscle growth. To achieve its objectives, the ingredients simultaneously bring into play a variety of processes, which are listed below:

1. Fat Loss

A) Helps Burn Fat And Lose Weight

Studies show that physical exercise, particularly endurance training, increases the body’s fat oxidization rate. In other words, fat cells in the bloodstream funnel down to the mitochondria to begin the fat-burning process known as oxidization.

To accelerate this process, the Burn Lab Pro has been formulated with ingredients that may support fat-burning activity. For best results, I recommend taking this supplement right before or immediately after a workout session.

B) Helps Maintain Healthy Diet

Any fitness enthusiast knows that the golden rule of weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume in a day. Sometimes known as the “calories in vs. calories out” formula, the easiest way to strike this balance is by reducing your daily calorie intake — via a healthy diet.

With that in mind, the Burn Lab Pro takes two different paths to ensure calorie intake reduction. Firstly, it contains cayenne chili pepper extracts that may aid in appetite control and accelerate fat burning. At the same time, the formula consists of ingredients, such as HMB, that reduce the chances of muscle protein breakdown despite a calorie-restrictive diet.

C) Helps Block Fat Storage

When you consume more calories than the calories burned in a day, the excess turns into fat cells responsible for a host of health risks, such as heart disease and Type-2 diabetes. It is worth noting that age, insulin imbalances, and other factors can encourage faster fat building — regardless of your caloric intake.

Nevertheless, this fat burner supplement remains true to its name and contains ingredients that signal the body to target fat storage as a primary source of energy.

D) Contributes To The Breakdown Of Fat Cells

Also known as lipolysis, the breakdown of fat usually occurs during intense training and fasting. During this metabolic process, lipid triglycerides present in the fat storage are hydrolyzed, thus mobilizing stored energy that becomes fuel for energy.

To boost the natural process of lipolysis, the Burn Lab Pro fat burner is equipped with four primary ingredients that enhance the activity through hormone signaling. Regardless of whether you are planning to engage in strength training or endurance training that day, I recommend a dose of Burn Lab Pro before the session to effectively access and burn body fat.

E) Enhances 24×7 Calorie Burning

When it comes to calorie counting, the silver lining is that calorie burning is a 24×7 process. That said, you burn calories even while sleeping, eating, or even just breathing. Also known as Total Energy Expenditure (TTE), the number of calories you burn in a day is affected by many factors, including thermogenesis and metabolism.

And indeed, the Burn Lab formula consists of ingredients that may boost the metabolism and raise body heat so that you continue burning fat long after concluding a workout session. In fact, the addition of Capsimax in the formula may boost resting energy expenditure to about 130 kcal/day.

This is an incredibly fantastic feat, considering how an average adult expends about 30 kcal/day. It’s no wonder that many Burn Lab reviews are hailing this weight loss supplement as the most effective fat burner on the market.

2. Maintaining Lean Muscle Mass

A) Helps Extend Endurance And Strength

If it wasn’t clear by now, users should take the Burn Lab Pro supplement in combination with regular exercise for the best results. Not only does it provide faster results, but it also boosts performance, so you have more incentive to head to the gym regularly.

That said, the formula consists of powerful ingredients, such as HMB and GTF Chromium, that ensure a power-packed workout session every time. For instance, some studies suggest that HMB extends endurance and improves strength — which is perhaps why some refer to it as an “exercise booster.”

In fact, HMB, which some belief may promote beneficial changes in body composition, has become a well-established sports supplement. Combat sports athletes particularly favor it as it may stimulate an increase in aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

B) Helps Preserve Muscle Mass

Fasted training is undisputedly one of the best ways to burn fat and see a difference on the scale. But oftentimes, exercising on a caloric deficit may lead to the breakdown of muscle tissue for energy.

To retain muscle mass, the Burn Lab Pro borrows the benefits of ingredients, such as HMB and ForsLean, that neutralize enzymes responsible for converting your gains into burnable energy.

C) Helps In Healthy Muscle Recovery

It goes without saying that rest days are an intrinsic part of any training schedule. In fact, not taking out adequate time for muscle recovery may lead to setbacks and injuries.

And although the Burn Lab Pro is not even remotely a substitute for the all-important rest days, it may speed up the process to ensure consistent training. Not to mention how the addition of muscle recovery-supporting ingredients is even more crucial if you are on a caloric deficit and require more energy for tissues to heal.

3. Boosts Exercise Performance

Considering the mentioned advantages of Burn Lab Pro, it’s safe to say that the balanced combination of ingredients ensures that all your workouts support muscle growth. This, in turn, leads to higher endurance, strength, and better fat-burning capabilities.

Anyhow, the Burn Lab Pro fat burner isn’t just a weight loss supplement. While the ingredients may help you achieve fitness goals, you may also notice an improvement in mood, mental clarity, and more.

Burn Lab Pro Ingredients

Burn Lab Pro ingredients.jpeg

The makers at Burn Lab Pro have put together a unique formula that is clean, safe, and an effective fat burner. In fact, the ingredients are 100% organic, vegan-friendly, allergen-free, and caffeine-free — to cut it short, the Burn Lab Pro is suitable for most people, regardless of dietary restrictions.

What’s more, these plant-based capsules are made from fermented tapioca and are prebiotic-infused to make them easier on the gut. The brand further goes out of its way to package these pills in recyclable bottles, which are then shipped in cardboard boxes filled with biodegradable packing material.

Considering its adherence to quality standards, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the brand is transparent about ingredients lists and the manufacturing process behind each capsule. Furthermore, interested buyers can refer to the “Quality” page on the official website to access details about third-party certification and dosages.

Needless to say, all ingredients in the Burn Lab Pro are safe for consumption and pack various benefits, which I will talk about in this section.

1. Hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB)

As mentioned earlier, HMB is a well-known sports supplement that does wonder when combined with an intensive training regimen. Sometimes referred to as an “exercise booster”, it is preferred by professional sportspersons and fitness enthusiasts alike for supporting muscle growth and strength boosting properties.

In fact, HMB works long after you have put down the weights. That said, it may help in accelerating muscle recovery and prepare you for the next session.

  • The product contains a 1,500mg dosage per serving
  • Tested for quality and purity
  • It helps preserve muscles and burn fat
  • May accelerate recovery time

2. ForsLean

ForsLean is a patented ingredient that refers to an advanced form of the Ayurvedic root herb Coleus Forskohlii. Backed by clinical research, the manufacturer claims that ingesting ForsLean triggers specific hormones that aid in building muscle and the fat-burning process.

  • Each capsule contains 375mg of the patented ingredient ForsLean
  • Four clinical trials back the benefits of ForsLean
  • It might help build muscle, burn fat, and preserve muscle mass
  • It may help improve mood, focus, and mental clarity

3. Capsimax Cayenne Pepper Extract

Capsimax, in simpler words, refers to cayenne pepper extract that works overtime as an appetite suppressant and fat-burning ingredient.

First off, the extracts of this notoriously spicy pepper regulate hormones to increase body heat, thus facilitating fat breakdown and blocking fat storage. Furthermore, ingesting the chili pepper extract may aid in maintaining a calorie deficit.

In fact, reports provided on the official website suggest that subjects who ingested Capsimax may consume about 140 fewer calories than their counterparts in one day. In combination with its energy-burning capabilities, those who took Capsimax locked in a total of 270 calories fewer than those who did not.

And don’t worry about how your gut will react to the red-hot cayenne; the formula contains patented “Omnibeads,” which prevent gastric burning, indigestion, and other gut issues.

  • One capsule contains 75mg of Capsimax or cayenne pepper extract
  • It works as a stimulant-like alternative that raises body heat
  • Aids in breaking down stored fat
  • The unique formulation guarantees zero percent gastric distress

4. GTF Chromium

GTF Chromium is a trace mineral that may help regulate blood sugar levels. You can also find this ingredient in whole foods, which are usually considered healthy food alternatives.

In a similar vein, GTF chromium lends the Burn Lab Pro fat burner its insulin-regulating properties. Additionally, this advanced mineral form may help control appetite and buffer muscles before a workout session.

  • Each capsule contains 90mcg of GTF chromium
  • Grown on cultures in a safe and clean environment
  • May help in fighting insulin-resistance
  • May help in controlling appetite

5. Bioperine Black Pepper Extract

In addition to cayenne pepper, the Burn Lab Pro contains another thermogenic ingredient — Bioperine black pepper extract. Simply put, a thermogenic increases body heat so that you burn more calories during workout sessions and for a few hours that follow.

Moreover, forms of this black pepper extract are found in plenty of other supplements due to its nutrient-absorption capabilities. Some studies also go on to suggest that piperine may help block the conversion of excess calories into fat tissues.

  • The product contains 3.75mg of pure black pepper extract
  • May help boost metabolism
  • A thermogenic ingredient that may accelerate fat loss
  • Increases absorption of nutrients

Burn Lab Pro Pricing

The appeal of Burn Lab Pro perhaps lies in its universality. Indeed, the makers have formulated this safe and effective supplement for all body types, genders, and age groups. The cherry on top is perhaps its reasonable prices, and the deal only gets better with fast, worldwide shipping.

Interested buyers can head on to the official website and pick one of the three buying options. That said, the company can deliver a one-month supply containing 60 capsules for $54 or a two-month supply for $108.

If you’re looking for a discount and a long-term commitment, I recommend that you opt for the four-month supply. Priced at about $162, you need only pay for three boxes, and the company will pack in the fourth one entirely free of cost.

And don’t forget — first-time buyers can avail of a full refund within 30 days from the delivery date, no questions asked. That’s right — you may open up the box, finish off the capsules, and if you still don’t see any results, feel free to contact the company’s customer care executives and ask for a refund.

best priceFAQs

1. How Does The Burn Lab Pro Optimize Fasted Training Results?

Training, while in a fasted state, is believed to promote lipolysis. In other words, when you exercise on an empty stomach, you tend to tap into the body’s visceral fat stores, which are often the most stubborn areas to target.

However, fasted training may lead to adverse effects, such as increased fatigue and muscle degradation. Fortunately, the Burn Lab Pro has been carefully formulated to minimize these drawbacks by boosting training intensity at all times.

2. Is Burn Lab Pro Stim-free?

Many diet supplements on the market rely on stimulants (most commonly, caffeine) to raise energy levels and enhance weight loss efforts. On the other hand, the Burn Lab Pro fat burner does not include any caffeine to prevent adverse side effects related to blood pressure, increased anxiety, and so on.

However, the Capsimax cayenne pepper extract in the Burn Lab Pro fat burner formula serves as an alternative that produces stimulant-like effects, sans the jittery sensations. Needless to say, caffeine-sensitive individuals don’t have to think twice before adding this supplement to their fitness regime.

3. Is The Burn Lab Pro Fat Burner Safe For Consumption?

The Burn Lab Pro fat burner has been formulated using all-natural ingredients safe for daily consumption and long-term use.

In fact, each capsule is designed to be free of allergens, soy, animal products, artificial additives, GMOs, and gluten so that everyone can enjoy the benefits, regardless of individual dietary restrictions. To that effect, the Burn Lab Pro fat burner does away with caffeine and other stimulants that may cause unwanted side effects.

However, if you are under any medication or suffer from chronic ailments, I recommend that you visit a licensed physician before taking these supplements. Anyhow, it is worth mentioning that the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the claims made on the official website.

That said, do not attempt to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent underlying diseases with this product.

4, How Many Capsules Can I Take In A Day?

For best results, I recommend taking two capsules about 15 to 30 minutes before a training session. However, you may up your dose and go for a maximum of four tablets a day.

Verdict: Does The Burn Lab Pro Work?

Burn Lab Pro is arguably one of the most effective supplements for fat loss — which, true to its name, targets fat without compromising muscle mass.

Backed by clinical experts and UFC athletes alike, the patented and trademarked ingredients only add to the brand’s stellar reputation. Needless to say, even a skeptic like myself was drawn to the promised benefits of the Burn Lab Pro ingredients and its tempting 30-day free-trial period.

And so, I placed an order for the one-month supply and began restricting my caloric intake. To be candid, I still indulged in carbs as I cannot part with the good old Egyptian flatbread. At first, I thought that was the reason why the scales were not moving despite regular training.

However, after I calculated my body fat percentage, I realized that my stagnant weight meant I was losing fat but gaining muscle. Invigorated by the stim-free yet energy-boosting formula of the Burn Lab, or perhaps by my successful trial month, my performance got better each week, and so did my results.

Needless to say, the Burn Lab Pro helped me lose fat without compromising on lean muscle gains — or my daily cups of coffee!

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