Short-Term Health Insurance: A Basics Guide

Short-Term Health Insurance

CVC Director of Patient Services Lauren Ruiz explains the basics about short-term health insurance plans. As a result of recent changes to federal health care law, short-term health insurance plans are more widely available in 2019. These plans may seem like a good option because the premiums tend to be much cheaper than those for …

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Finding A New Normal With Narcolepsy


 “Sharon Castellano Torledsky shares her decades-long journey coming to terms with narcolepsy” Most of my long-term friends and family still think of me the way I was before narcolepsy. I had so much energy and didn’t require a lot of sleep. I would go, go, go. I was like a hurricane. I have dyslexia, but …

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Family Medicine – 2022 Update

Family Medicine

The role of genetics—in researching, predicting, diagnosing, preventing, and treating rare and chronic illnesses—is dramatically expanding. The Caring Voice community spoke to leaders in genetic medicine about what that means for you and your loved ones. What would you do if you could take your DNA and unravel all the secrets contained within? What would …

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Can Music Help You Manage Your Health

music and health

The Incredibly gifted Bob Marley once said that when the music hits you, the pain disappears. There’s probably no one better than Bob to speak the innate abilities of music to heal. Bob, the face of Jamaica and undoubtedly, the person who took Reggae music mainstream, himself underwent a 4-year grueling battle with terminal cancer …

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