A Slight Change In Pace – A Sarcoidosis Story


Betty Washington describes the impact of sarcoidosis and pulmonary hypertension on her life—and how she stays strong by surrounding herself with positivity. I worked for 33 years as a police officer, beginning in 1975. For the last 18 of those years, I was a police dispatcher. That was an exciting job. Police dispatchers screen calls …

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Examining the Patient/Doctor Relationship

Patient Doctor Relationship

In the winter edition of Community magazine, we conducted two separate interviews with Pulmonary Hypertension patient Amanda Harvey-McKee and her doctor, Murali Chakinala. We asked them to individually discuss Amanda’s diagnosis, and how they’ve spent years increasing awareness on PH. Interview with Amanda Harvey-McKee, patient of Dr. Murali Chakinala We did not have the easiest …

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Chronic Illness Advanced Care Plan

Chronic Illness Care Plan

Living with chronic illness is a challenge by itself. It can be very demanding on your time, your energy levels, and your mental focus. You might be so busy juggling a thousand things through the day that you may not find any time to consider what your future needs are. But it is important to …

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Sleep & Chronic Illness

sleep and illness

Sleep & Chronic illness don’t exactly go hand in hand, do they? Americans living with chronic illness often experience sleep disturbances. Conditions like Insomnia can not only worsen the condition by limiting the body’s ability to heal, but they can also contribute to a host of mental health problems such as depression and even anxiety. …

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