Instant Knockout Review 2021: The Fat Burner Supplement You Need?

Last winter, after the grueling Egyptian summer had passed, my childhood friend, Sara, flew over to stay with me for a few weeks.

So, I went to pick her up at the airport and waited at the arrival gate, anxiously looking for a familiar face. Suddenly I felt a light tap on my shoulder and turned around to find Sara smiling at me.

Usually, I would have hugged her instantly, and I did but not before my eyes almost popped out. She had lost a lot of weight, and all in a matter of a few months.

Sensing my surprise, Sara revealed that her secret was the Instant Knockout weight-loss supplement. Hi! I’m Mohamed Elhosary, and today I will tell you all about this Instant Knockout review.

My Experience

After the initial shock of finding my once overweight friend as slim and fit as an athlete, she and I started talking about her weight-loss plan. You must note that I’m a certified chemist, so it usually takes a lot to convince me about any miracle formula.

Sara explained that professional athletes and MMA fighters used the Instant Knockout to keep their bodies in shape. Alongside taking the supplement, she also focused on staying active by engaging in various exercises.

It took her a couple of months, but she managed to shed off the excess fat from her waistline, thanks to its fat-burning formula. Now, all this seemed too good to be true, so I decided to conduct an experiment.

I had a hunch that Sara would have mentioned the effectiveness of the Instant Knockout to some of our common friends. So, I gave them a call, asking how long they had consumed the supplement, and made sure to take weekly feedback.

Other than that, I asked the customers at my store to fill out a questionnaire if they had ever taken weight-loss pills. I didn’t focus on any particular product as I wanted to expand my knowledge about dietary capsules.

After a couple of weeks, I compared the results of Instant Knockout with other brands, and the results were staggering. My friends reported more improvements than customers who used different products in a similar time frame.

No wonder, Sara greeted me with a smile when I shared my findings with her. So, to explain why the Instant Knockout might stand out on the market, I have drafted this guide, dividing it on the basis of several key elements.

Common Weight Gain Problems

In my years as a chemist, I have come across several people in need of weight-loss pills to control weight gain. But how did they grow out of their healthy bodies in the first place? I have highlighted some of the common factors below:

  • Body Structure

I found that some people readily gain weight while it takes time for others to put on equivalent pounds. This is a common cause of concern among many people who find that they gain more weight than others despite eating the same food.

If you come under this category, it would be best to watch what you eat. However, don’t be harsh on yourself and understand that your body behaves differently than others.

There is nothing wrong with it; instead, you need to follow the motto of “everything in moderation.” This means that there is no need for you to forego the occasional burger. Just don’t consume a lot.

  • body Shaming

One of the things that hurt me most is body shaming because I have seen Sara dealing with bullies who criticized her physical appearance in the past. That was one of the reasons she got into weight-loss supplements.

People need to realize that shaming another person or calling names based on body structure leads them to perceive themselves negatively. While some, like my friend, will find a way to fight through it, others will shrink further into their shell.

Rather than losing weight, such people will consume more food to deal with the pain of being overweight, which brings me to my next point.

  • Stress/Anxiety

Whether it be negative comments about your body or work-related stress, there are innumerable things in the world that may cause anxiety. Now, you might feel that the situation is being handled efficiently but do you like to eat street food, chips, or other junk items occasionally?

Does this sound familiar? You have an important presentation due, and while working, you start feeling hungry. There’s a bag of chips and you dig in or order some unhealthy takeaway to keep your mood swings in check.

As these foods are rich in calories, they contain compounds that trigger the release of dopamine. Meaning, while you may feel good momentarily, you will end up with an enhanced waistline in no time.

  • Low Energy Levels

This last point focuses on the issue of energy loss that most people experience after taking weight-loss supplements. It is normal to feel lethargic as burning the stored body fat leads to energy expenditure.

You might feel tempted to consume some junk food at this point, but dry fruits or other healthy alternatives will help you from relapsing.

The essential thing to note is that each person’s body is different, and there is no way of telling which medication will work and which won’t. So, I advise my customers not to compare their progress to others.

What Is The Instant Knockout?

Compared to other weight-loss pills, the Instant Knockout focuses primarily on fat burning, which might lead to quick weight reduction. However, it does not compromise the safety, and my friends said that none of them had encountered major side effects.

I further found that this product is the brainchild of the popular sports performance supplement company Roar Ambition. Naturally, as the pills are for professional athletes, the bottles are shaped like fists for better branding. And inside each container, you will find 120 capsules for a jitter-free weight-loss experience.

But especially pleasing is that it uses only natural ingredients rather than artificial compounds to achieve the desired results. In addition, the company has only a few products, thereby focusing on improving their current supplements to meet user demands.

So, who does the Instant Knockout help, and what benefits does it possess? Let’s find out.

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How Does The Instant Knockout Help?

While most other dietary supplements may work better for men or women, the Instant Knockout delivers equal benefits for both genders. The natural ingredients present in each capsule attacks the stored body fat and helps hasten the weight removal process.

In technical terms, it focuses on negative energy balance to achieve the desired effect. Speaking of ingredients, you will also find vitamins, minerals, and caffeine, but more on that later.

For now, you must note that these capsules could have three primary benefits – fat burning, contribution to metabolism, and increasing energy levels. Without diminishing the importance of its former attributes, the latter caught my attention.

I have often seen people suffer from lethargy and lack of desire when using weight-loss pills, but Roar Ambition has perhaps found a way to counter the problem. Now, before discussing all the benefits individually, first, let me tell you about the weight gain issues people suffer from.

Benefits Of Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout

Having learned about some common problems, let me explain how Instant Knockout might help reduce excess fat. If you remember, I had discussed three target areas that make this weight-loss supplement stand out.

  • Increased Energy Levels

If you wish to complement the weight-loss pills with regular exercise, you might be worried about the reduced calories. It is no secret that a decrease in body fat might lead to lower energy levels.

But you can rest assured because the scientists at Roar Ambition have packed their capsules with stimulants. Meaning, along with possibly burning body fat, these pills might produce the necessary energy for you to sustain intense workout sessions.

Moreover, even after exercising, you may not feel tired, thereby ensuring that you can follow the daily routine without any difficulty.

  • Appetite Suppressant

I had people return weight-loss medication because they couldn’t hold out when confronted by a tasty meal. Luckily, you may not face any such issues while using the Instant Knockout.

The scientists have focused on user experience to develop a unique appetite-suppressing formula. This might prevent you from interrupting the fat-burning process and could reduce your temptation to dig into a high-calorie burger.

On that note, I must mention that the daily calorie intake is 2,000 calories. So, anything less than that reduces weight, which these capsules may help achieve without affecting your health.

  • Contribution To Metabolism

I have spoken numerous times about fat burning, but how does this weight-loss pill stimulate the process? For starters, the Instant Knockout may contribute to metabolism, especially thermogenic metabolism. Simply put, the natural ingredients might attack the stored fat and other food sources, converting them into energy.

Rather than storing the fat, which might lead to excess accumulation, these pills could dispose of unwanted fat molecules. By possibly improving metabolism, the fat burns faster and releases more energy to keep you upbeat throughout the day.

In other words, its goal is to increase the energy needs of the body so that it surpasses the calorie intake.

  • Retains Muscle Mass

Since these pills are also used by professional athletes and MMA fighters, losing muscle mass while toning down could prove detrimental. However, there is no need to worry because each capsule contains vitamin B6 that could absorb amino acids to help you retain muscle mass.

Not to mention, the increased energy production may allow you to work out longer and focus on muscle-building exercises.

  • Mood Enhancement

I have a poster on my bedroom wall that says – “good food equals good mood”. But in weight-loss circles, this might not be the most inspiring quote.

No matter how much you want to, it would be best to refrain from junk food. That said, I realize that eating fewer bites than normal may make you moody. Luckily, Roar Ambition was also aware of this, and so they have included both mood and brain enhancers that might help you complete the medication.

You may not know this, but when you are happy and have positive vibes regarding weight loss, it shows. Therefore, never underestimate the power of smiling and staying confident through difficult phases (funny how that also turned out to be a life lesson).

Instant Knockout Pricing

To make an informed decision, you will be itching to know about the price of this product. I asked Sara, and she mentioned that there are different bottles available for purchase.

One bottle costs $59, two bottles cost $118, while three bottles have a marked price of $185. Moreover, before making the purchase, Sara studied the quantities of each container.

She found that one bottle usually lasts one month and three might last up to four months. In addition, purchasing the 90-day pack will qualify you for free delivery, provided you are a resident in the UK or USA.

What’s more, unsatisfied customers can return the product within 90 days for a full refund.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

Let’s now look at the ingredients found in the Instant Knockout weight-loss supplement. It is interesting to note that Roar Ambition does not sell the product offline, allowing only online purchases.

This is because natural ingredients are costly, and the brand takes out the middle-man to keep costs as low as possible. When I discuss the compounds in detail, you will see the necessity of this decision.

In all, it consists of ten ingredients that have been changed and improved over time to satisfy user demands.

1. Green Tea Extracts

One of the most important ingredients in the Instant Knockout supplement is green tea extracts. It contains both caffeine and polyphenols that may contribute to metabolism. Naturally, if the metabolic rate increases, fat burning also increases as it breaks the stored fat to release energy.

But especially pleasing is that green tea is known to contain antioxidants which are called catechins. Interestingly, catechins further add to fat burning by stimulating the release of norepinephrine.

No wonder people prefer to include green tea as part of the dietary plan. In fact, even scientific journals back up this claim and show that one cup of green tea may burn 5.7g of fat.

Additionally, it contains L-Theanine, which could help you focus better, thereby improving attention. Long story short, it might be safe to say that consuming green tea aids in the fat reduction process.

2. Caffeine Anhydrous

I have already mentioned caffeine as a component of green tea extracts, but it is also present as a separate compound. Like regular caffeine, its anhydrous counterpart may help boost energy with the help of neurotransmitters. As a result, consuming the Instant Knockout formula might allow people to remain alert rather than sluggish.

Not to mention, it might contribute to metabolism to help customers feel active and attentive. This is particularly useful for people on a low-calorie diet; it provides the necessary energy to engage in workout sessions.

3. Cayenne Pepper

Unknown to many, but cayenne pepper is an essential ingredient in the weight-loss process. Moreover, it might help in weight management, which gives Instant Knockout the edge over other products.

I decided to further explore the benefits of this compound and found that it is responsible for the heat in hot chili. It contains capsaicin, and when you consume cayenne pepper, the body temperature rises.

Understandably, your body will try to bring the temperature down by expending more energy that might burn fat. In addition, it could boost insulin sensitivity and suppress appetite. As such, one capsule contains 100 mg of this compound.

4. L-Theanine

You already know about one benefit of L-Theanine, so let me enlighten you about its other advantages. It might deliver the best results when coupled with caffeine and could prevent loss of energy.

Significantly, I found that it may reduce jitters when consuming the capsules, which is especially necessary after a workout. In other words, it helps customers get over their workout high and puts the body at ease.

5. Glucomannan

Moving on, let’s now discuss the advantages of glucomannan, which is a common ingredient used in other products. But why is it popular?

For starters, it is rich in dietary fiber, which might help suppress appetite. You could feel well-fed for longer intervals, thereby reducing the desire to consume junk food. Also, the body takes longer to digest it as it comes from the root of the Konjac plant.

Hence, when you consume the capsule, glucomannan swells in the stomach, which might control cravings. No wonder Roar Ambition packs in 1,800 mg of the compound in one capsule.

I must mention that scientific research shows that it could reduce 5.5lbs of weight over an eight-week course. But it is not just weight loss as it might also prevent constipation, increase cholesterol consumption, and control blood sugar levels.

6. Piperine

Another crucial component is piperine, which is a black pepper compound. I studied scientific papers and found that it may contribute to metabolism to increase fat burning and improve indigestion.

What’s more, it may stop the production of new fat cells, ensuring that customers do not have difficulty shedding their extra pounds. On top of that, its anti-inflammatory attribute could prevent side effects.

7. Vitamin B12

When used together, B12 and B6 could produce more serotonin that might help fight depression and improve your mood. Apart from that, it may lead to more oxidation by breaking down fatty acids, thereby converting the stored fat into energy to keep you active.

Furthermore, I found that it helps in protein synthesis to act as an all-around component.

8. Vitamin B6

Like vitamin B12, B6 could improve mood, but it also has other benefits. For instance, it may aid fat burning, improve heart health to lower the chances of diseases, and enhance brain activity.

9. Vitamin D3

Now, if you are a professional athlete or MMA fighter, you might find the Instant Knockout supplement especially useful because it contains vitamin D3. It might lead to more testosterone production to improve heart health and lower blood pressure.

Moreover, MMA fights are brutal, but athletes with higher levels of vitamin D3 might be less prone to bone fractures. Naturally, the Instant Knockout is in high demand.

10. Green Coffee Beans

Anyone aware of the coffee manufacturing process will know those roasting coffee beans leads to the loss of vital nutrients. This is why Roar Ambition uses green coffee beans to ensure users can enjoy all its possible benefits.

Now, green coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which might lower glucose production. Glucose, in turn, satisfies the body’s energy demands, meaning lower energy levels lead to more glucose creation.

However, in the absence of this vital compound, the body is forced to use the stored fat, which might reduce weight. In fact, according to scientists, people who regularly consume green coffee may be able to reduce their weight by 5.4 kgs.

Not to mention, it might improve heart health to lower the risk of side effects.

Instant Knockout Review – Final Words

instant knockout reviews

I hope you have all the information about the Instant Knockout weight loss supplement to make the purchase.

In the fight for a fitter and healthier body, it is important to remember that you won’t achieve overnight success. Rather it is crucial to follow up any weight-loss pill with a proper diet and regular exercise.

I would also suggest that you consult a physician to learn about your body structure and what dietary plans to consider. That said, the Instant Knockout is a carefully developed supplement that may benefit everyone.

On that note, it is now time for me to bid goodbye. My wife and I are taking Sara on a tour of the ancient pyramids, so see you soon!