Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey 2021 – How To Lose 100lb?

Is there any real to life inspirational weight loss story that shows people how to lose weight the right way? Jorge Garcia’s weight loss problem and eventual victory over his 400-pound junk-food, alcohol-ridden body will serve as inspiration to people looking for a safe way to lose weight.

Jorge is one fascinating actor with a long-standing body weight history from his teenage days.

However, in the past few years, the celebrated ‘Hollywood’ actor – best known for his fascinating acting role when he played the big-fat Hugo Hurley Reyes in the movie series Lost – shocked the world when one of his photos trended on social media showing how much body pound he has lost.

Today, Jorge Garcia has turned into a role model for people struggling to lose weight naturally.

If you are interested in real-life weight loss journey, let’s take a look at how Jorge Garcia overcame obesity and how you also can replicate this same feat and lose belly fat like it was never there.

Why Is Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey A Touching Episode?

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss before after

If you’ve ever watched the movie ‘Lost’, you’ll understand why people are amazed at how quickly someone can change the way they look in a period of time – no matter your age in life.

For someone like Jorge Garcia, being 400 pounds heavy and almost diagnosed with type2 diabetes or other related heart diseases, you will be amazed at what this guy was able to achieve. You will also find lots of inspiration to kick start your weight loss journey.

Jorge Garcia transitioned from being a big concern weight problem (junk foods) to someone addicted to healthy foods of low carb high protein diet.

These are mainly consuming fresh fruits and vegetables instead of greasy foods. This recipe and his strict workout regimen earned him his glowing weight loss journey today.

When he showed up to take up the role on Lost, his colleagues, including his producer, were so worried about his weight that they advised him to start working out to lose some fat. His weight was a genuine concern to everyone including his fans.

Today, Jorge Garcia is a reference point when describing weight loss success stories and people who, through sheer determination, changed the way they look including forging a new identity for themselves.

How Much Did Jorge Garcia Weigh?

When Jorge started his first journey to lose weight, his attempt brought a little 30 pounds success. And the success was quickly reversed as he got frustrated with his new healthy lifestyle and went back to his old ways of very poor eating habits.

So although he did lots of push-ups and sit-ups just to shed some weight in time to appear in the filming of Lost, it was nothing far from his 400-pound bodyweight.

His recent weight loss photos made people believe that the actor might have undergone gastric bypass surgery to attain his current weight. However, what is true is that Garcia took to rigorous exercising and a healthy diet, and the result was a loss of almost 100lbs (45kg) off his 400lb (181kg) frame.

News has it that Garcia achieved this much success following the Nooch diet plan – powered by deactivating yeast and also taking in lots of healthy foods like spinach, vegetables, carrots, fibrous foods, and protein.

Although there is no recent research to show that the Nooch diet facilitates losing extra pounds, however, for this Lost actor, this diet plan is a great example.

Unlike when Jorge was still eating junk food and drinking alcohol – Then his look was a pity, and he almost lost a role in the Lost movie due to his overweight. Now, everybody thinks Jorge Garcia looks amazing, and they want his success for themselves.

What Is Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Nutritional Yeast Diet Plan Made up of?

The nutritional yeast diet also referred to as a ‘Nooch Diet’ is made from dairy-free, gluten-free powdered, deactivated yeast. This was Jorge’s weight loss tips and miracle meal plan that made people absolutely admire Jorge Garcia when he lost 100lb.

Nutritionists advise that sprinkling on your meal could facilitate weight loss.

When action proceeds determination, success is inevitable. Jorge was determined to change the way people look at him by strictly embracing a new lifestyle of strict healthy eating habits as he transitioned from high greasy foods to low carb high protein foods.

The result was an amazing weight loss journey. He also quit drinking alcohol and focused more on regular workouts, including strict daily workout plans alongside the Nooch diet plan.

Here is how Jorge Garcia lost weight using a strict plan and steps you also can follow for a successful weight loss journey.

  • A most important rule is working out daily and drinking plenty of water – 8 to 10 glasses are recommended per day.
  • Foods you should avoid – butter, beef, soda, bread, and milk.

Here is the diet plan spread through the days:

Day 1 – Fruits.

Fruits are known to contain lots of fibrous content that accelerate fat loss. This diet is more of taking more fruits on the first day. So eat as many fruits as you possibly can.

Day 2 – Vegetables.

Eating lots of vegetables helps your body improve metabolism and subsequently helps eliminate unwanted body fat. So just like day one, to achieve success just like Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey, eating lots of vegetables is highly encouraged.

Day 3 – Fruits And Veggies Day.

No restrictions on eating fruits and vegetables.

Day 4 – Weirdest Day?

Weird as this may sound but it works. Banana (8) and milk for the day (4 glass cups)

Day 5 – Tomatoes, Fish Or Chicken

Eat six large tomatoes (6), chicken breast, or fish. For vegans or vegetarians, brown rice is encouraged.

Day 6 –Lean Meat

Lean meat or fish or a cup of brown rice served with raw or cooked vegetables if vegetarian or vegan.

Day 7 – Rice & Veggie

A cup of brown rice or vegetables.

Follow this food plan strictly like Garcia and don’t indulge in unhealthy eating habits and you will soon be a proud owner of a new body.

Junk Foods to avoid Lose A Few Pounds

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss dietDuring the seven-day diet plan, some particular foods are not permitted in the diet. Here are a few:

  • Vegetables – potatoes
  • Protein – beef, turkey, pork.
  • Fats & Oils – margarine, safflower oil, lard, butter.
  • Dairy – Frozen yogurt, full-fat yogurt, ice cream, cheese, full-fat milk.
  • Beverages – Sweetened drinks, alcohol, packaged fruit juice, soda.

However, it is essential to seek your doctor’s opinion before embarking on this or any diet plan.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Workout

Here are 11 exercises that were included in his workout routine. He sometimes combines one or more exercises and at other times he does a variation of the exercises.

So here are Jorge Garcia’s exercises to be followed daily during the diet to achieve your success story:

  • Neck turning
  • Wrist turning
  • Arms rotation
  • Shoulder turning
  • Stairs running
  • Jogging or Running
  • Face exercises
  • Sit-ups
  • Pushups
  • Air cycling
  • Breathing exercises

How To Lose Weight Using Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey?

Celebrities are also prone to difficulties, just like any ordinary individual, especially if they have destructive eating habits. For Jorge Garcia avoiding unhealthy eating habits and trying to shed weight and focus more on healthy eating, habit is one area he struggled with. However, Jorge’s determination to cut down his weight brought about a dramatic change in his life.

Here are some tips shared by Jorge Garcia in an interview on how much weight he lost.

Losing Weight While Working out Everyday

Daily exercising is one solution to effectively curbing weight loss. For anyone over 400 pounds, and is over 40 years of age, changing his eating habits and exercising daily is essential.

According to Jorge Garcia, he spends about 2-3 hours daily performing exercises to shed weight. So, if you want to follow up with Jorge’s weight, you will need to invest quality time in your exercise.

Garcia further explained that he needs to do away with unhealthy foods due to his increasing weight gain problem.

The Keto Diet – Wake Up Call to Eating Healthy Like Jorge Garcia’s Case

keto diet

This is one effective method for your weight loss stories and changing eating habits. A keto diet contains excess fat and a low amount of carbs and also a small amount of protein. In general, fats play a significant role in a keto diet.

When carbs are reduced to a significant amount (50 g per day), it takes your body to a state of Ketosis. Ketosis is a process whereby the body utilizes the rest fat in the body for fuel. When more carb is consumed, the body will burn more glucose and convert it to energy.

Here are some benefits you derived from a vegetarian keto diet –

Controls Blood Sugar

According to research, it has been discovered that Keto diet plays a major role in decreasing HbA1c in the body. Research also has it that changing to a vegetarian diet reduces diabetes risk by 53%.

Also, the keto diet is known to improve blood sugar regulation and increase insulin sensitivity, a hormone responsible for blood sugar control.

Help with weight loss

In a study conducted within a period of 6 months comprising of 74 type 2 diabetes patients, The keto diet was discovered to have helped many people with their excess fat and also significantly reduced weight loss in many of the people.

Protect From Bad Diseases

Keto is linked to helping reduce the risk of cancer and improve the risks of other heart related diseases like blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI

here are other activities that Jorge Garcia also engages in during his weight loss journey


This is one exercise that Jorge said he does every day for about an hour. He said cycling became a part of him and became a habit that led to his weight loss success. He got fitter while his belly decreased from daily cycling.

If you want to see effective results like Jorge Garcia, it is ideal to add regular cycling exercises to your plan or using D-Bal Max one of the best legal steroids.

Eating homemade foods

Jorge said that while on his journey to reduce his weight, he changed to eating homemade. These foods played an influential role in his journey to shed weight. So, if you want to be like Garcia and win the fight against weight loss, you need to adopt the habit of eating homemade foods.

Jorge Garcia’s Diet Inspiration

Jorge Garcia's Diet Inspiration

For someone who almost lost his acting career (because of his unhealthy weight) to now become a weight loss celebrity (for shedding over 100lb) – this is one inspirational story that needs to be told.

Garcia’s weight loss story started in 2006 when he featured in Lost. Additionally, being overweight causes his friends, family, and even colleagues to feel very much concern for him.

So, along with a team of expert dieticians and workout coaches, Jorge Garcia now replaced unhealthy foods with eating fruits and veggies, and protein-rich and low carb foods were also introduced into his routine alongside his workout schedule.

With sheer determination, Jorge Garcia stopped taking alcohol. As you know, alcohol adds lots of calories to your daily intake and so he needed to salvage what was left of his wrecked body by stopping alcohol.

Garcia was also linked to using the Nooch diet to lose weight successfully.

In conclusion, Jorge Garcia was pretty set right from the start on what he wanted to achieve and while it was an excellent option for him, there is no guarantee that you will lose the exact weight Jorge Garcia lost.

That said, if you are determined and ready to commit to paper, you can also achieve success. However, we do suggest that you visit your Nutritionist or physician before following a strict diet plan.