Leanbean Review 2022: Does It The Best Fat Burner For Women?

“Egypt or America – I see obesity everywhere”. And indeed, reports suggest that these two countries are somewhere at the top of the list regarding global obesity levels, especially among adult women. Anyhow, just a visit to either of the two and taking a look around will tell you the same. Read my Leanbean review to find it out.

In fact, when I first moved to the US, I found myself relishing a beef burger now and then – which soon escalated into a fast food-heavy diet. Soon enough, my waistline started hinting that it was perhaps time to restrict my calorie intake.

On the other hand, my sister was not so subtle and urged me to find an effective weight loss supplement just like she did. Hi friends! My name is Mohamed Elhosary, and here’s all you need to know about the Leanbean.

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My Experience

Hailed on many online forums as a miracle diet supplement, the Leanbean has an excellent online presence and a seemingly large fan-following. Soon enough, many celebrities, including ex-athletes, began endorsing the product. Unquestionably, I didn’t believe a tiny pill can turn any average woman into a chiseled pro-surfer.

Needless to say, I was skeptical when my sister told me she had begun her new fitness journey of eating clean and light exercise – aided by daily doses of the Leanbean. I had no delusions that the product can take an overweight woman like my sister and turn her into a supermodel.

However, neither had I anticipated watching her lose as much weight as she did over the course of a few months. As a man of science and reason, I decided to get down to the nitty-gritty and find out how this product could do such wonders.

And so, I began by taking a voluntary survey at my dispensary, asking female consumers about their experiences with different weight loss supplements. Fortunately, the Leanbean is a growing name in the US, so it was not too hard to find people who had tested this product for themselves.

At the same time, word-of-mouth (my sister’s big mouth) had reached many of our female relatives residing both in Egypt and the US. Promptly, I began taking notes of their experiences, even though I suspect some may have been more honest about their starting weight than others.

Anyhow, once I recorded my findings, I sat down with some fellow chemists and a few of my colleagues to discuss its ingredients and how they specifically target women. After considering many factors, including height, starting weight, dosage, and age, I began drafting this Leanbean review.

What Is The Leanbean?


Simply put, the Leanbean is a weight-loss solution designed especially for women who have been struggling to see results. Packed in the pretty little product bottles are diet pills consisting of powerhouse ingredients that suppress appetite and boost metabolism.

And that’s not all. Unlike the myriad conventional diet supplements on the market, the formula in the Leanbean takes into account the body chemistry of women exclusively. Did I also mention that all the ingredients are sourced naturally? We’ll get on that later. First, let’s delve into who this supplement seeks to help.

How Does The Leanbean Help Women?

They say, “Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus”. Although this may be debatable and we are, in fact, the same species, there are some things that separate one from the other – scientifically speaking.

First off, menstruating women have ovulatory cycles, which affect the production of gonadal steroid hormones. Commonly known as “PMS,” or premenstrual syndrome, this interval of hormonal changes between ovulation and periods is characterized by certain side-effects – some of which are less than desirable.

Many women report other symptoms, such as bloating and erratic eating habits, to pile onto irritability and mood swings. While the cause of PMS remains inconclusive, some general patterns are witnessed among most women.

That being said, the peri-ovulatory or follicular phase that leads up to ovulation is relatively normal – in that there are lesser instances of intense cravings. However, once the luteal phase begins, and the ovary releases an egg, the secretion of progesterone and estradiol peaks.

As a result of these hormonal changes, women may be more prone to reaching out for chocolates, desserts, and other sweets. And even in general, there are reasons to believe that women tend to snack and binge, making them more vulnerable to eating disorders. Several studies conducted in these areas have come up with a few reasons for these dietary habits.

  • Negative Body Perception

An experiment conducted by the Department of Psychology at York University found that women are more likely than men to experience brain activity relating to negative body perception. As a consequence, it’s believed that they are more susceptible to irregular patterns of eating.

  • Stress Eating

If studies are to be believed, there are specific gender differences in stress responses. That being said, women may be more prone to stress-eating habits, which involve indulging in foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates.

On the one hand, some tend to fast for more extended hours during periods of high stress. Perhaps it is to compensate for missed meals that they prefer snacking throughout the day on high-calorie food. At the same time, sugar and carbohydrates are believed to trigger the release of dopamine, which is lovingly called “feel-good hormones”.

Needless to say, these high-calorie foods and their mentally rewarding properties may lead to weight gain and obesity.

  • Eating Disorders

Binge-eating is a major eating disorder that has been linked to emotional well-being. Usually, bouts of indulging excessively in high-calorie food are followed by or precede chronic dieting, overexercising or chronic restrained eating. In turn, the causes of binge eating may be related to negative body perception, stress, and brain chemistry.

Keeping the prevalence of such hormonal and eating patterns in mind, the Leanbean has been formulated to target weight loss, insulin spikes, and accompanying diseases among women.

How Does The Leanbean Aid Weight Loss?


With all said and done, it is still highly possible for women to maintain healthy body weight with the simple mantra, “Calories in versus calories out.” Simply put, consuming more calories than you burn will lead to weight gain, and consuming fewer will lead to weight loss.

This simple caloric deficit rule applies to both men and women. At the same time, the number of calories required by an average man to maintain a healthy body weight is about 500 calories more than the average woman.

However, it is worth noting that other factors such as height, age, metabolism, and activity levels determine the specific number for each individual.

Needless to say, the first step to healthy weight loss is cutting out sugary snacks and drinks – or, at least, limiting them to special occasions. The next move is, ironically, to move your body – that is, exercising to shed additional calories.

In fact, exercise may be able to provide those much-needed mood boosts that people may be craving from sugary and high-carb treats. And, that too, without the risks of any “carb crash”.

While the Leanbean unlocks the optimal benefits of diet and exercise, it also provides a thermogenic boost. This is perhaps what makes the supplement so effective as compared to a traditional regime of cutting back and working out. So how does it work?

  • Reduces Cravings

Most dietary supplement users are looking for a formula that will successfully suppress appetite and reduce cravings. That being said, a large chunk of the products on the market utilize ingredients that may deliver these benefits, but they are also unsafe in the long run.

Generally, appetite suppressants work to alter neurotransmitters in the brain to signal that you are full, even when you haven’t eaten much. In fact, some manufacturers use medication, such as Phentemine, to produce higher levels of dopamine, serotonin, and other compounds that trick the brain into warding off cravings.

However, it is essential to note that suppressants such as Phentemine, are in the same drug class as amphetamine, and remain a controlled substance in most countries. Needless to say, there are harmful side effects to using appetite suppressants.

Similar to addictive antidepressants, continued use of brain chemistry-altering substances, such as these, can harm you in the long run. Moreover, they can lead to cardiac issues, such as heart failure and uncontrolled blood pressure.

On the other hand, Leanbean takes a highly different approach; instead of playing with neurotransmitters, it tricks the gut. To do this, it uses the absorption properties of Glucomannan.

The naturally-sourced soluble fiber of the Konjac plant absorbs fluid and swells up once in the stomach. As a result, the consumer is left feeling full and satiated throughout the day. What’s more, the 3000mg concentration of fiber in Leanbean aids your diet, without adding any calories.

  • Boosts Metabolism

When people ask me what I miss most about being in my 20s, I always think of my youthful body’s ability to eat a burger without gaining a pound or two. And, indeed, metabolism slows down with age. If you are 25 years old right now and scarf down plates of food at the buffet table without ripping your buttons, beware of the changes that the 30s and 40s bring.

Needless to say, a high metabolism is vital in breaking down food for fuel; without this function, the calories we consume would never get expended and would instead be stored as fat. This is why various protein powders and supplements proudly advertise themselves as metabolism boosters.

While some may be making bogus claims, others may contain stimulants that shoot up heart rates and temperature. Although these ingredients may successfully mimic the after-effects of any good HIIT workout, they aren’t 100% safe. The adverse side effects include jittery hands, palpitations, profuse sweating, paranoia, and so on.

That being said, the Leanbean contains ingredients that pump up your metabolism – maybe not to the same extent as when you were 25. But perhaps just enough to show better results after a workout.

In fact, if personal anecdotes from my findings are to be believed, the product has been able to raise metabolism rates by about 5 to 8%.

  • Boosts Energy Levels

Bingeing on carb-heavy snacks leads to low energy levels, which is one of the most common excuses for not exercising. On the other hand, exercising expends more energy than usual, which increases your calorie requirements in a day – at least, at first.

Needless to say, if you are supplementing your exercise regime with a caloric deficit, then there is yet another challenge. The new base metabolism that has been boosted because of exercise does not have enough fuel to burn, which means you are left feeling tired all the time.

Although this phase of your body adapting to its new metabolic base does not last more than a few days, low energy levels may demotivate you from hitting the gym. And that, as we all know, is a slippery slope.

Fortunately, the Leanbean is packed with ingredients that keep you feeling upbeat and full of energy all day long. And unlike the insulin spikes from harmful substances that many dietary supplements contain, this herbal and organic formulation moderates insulin to remain at a safe level. In fact, even the concentration of caffeine is kept at a minimum.

In addition, the ingredient list boasts of a cocktail of vitamins that promote energy levels and fast metabolism. Read on to know more about these ingredients and their properties.

Leanbean Pricing

leanbean pricing

According to the official website, a bottle containing 180 capsules of Leanbean will cost about $60. With the product, buyers will also receive a free home-workout guide.

And while you may notice that the product is on the pricey side, the deal gets sweeter when you opt for bundles. For instance, by going for the two-month supply, which consists of two bottles of 180 capsules each, you also avail free shipping in the US and UK.

Similarly, free worldwide delivery is available on the complete bundle, which offers four bottles of Leanbean at the price of three.

What Is In The Leanbean? 

In a nutshell – the Leanbean is brimming with vegan and naturally sourced goodness. Although it rides the recent health and wellness trend, this product is not just a superficial mix of ingredients. Instead, each of its constituents brings something to the table :

1- Glucomannan

Also known as “the intestinal broom” and “nature’s skinny sponge,” Glucomannan is indeed a superfood that has been making headlines in wellness circles. However, it is interesting to note that this ingredient has been featured in many traditional Japanese dishes as an emulsifying or thickening agent for ages.

Derived from the roots of the elephant yam, or konjac plant, this water-soluble dietary fiber is believed to be a good antidote for diabetes, high cholesterol, and constipation. In fact, it gets the reputation of an “intestinal broom” due to its ability to flush out cholesterol and harmful compounds from the intestines.

Not to mention how the absorption and swelling of the fiber trick your stomach into thinking it is already full. Needless to say, it supports better gut health in more ways than one.

2- Choline

Choline is an essential nutrient found in many mammals, including humans. Although our bodies can produce choline, maintaining healthy levels of the nutrient requires supplements from poultry, eggs, meat, or plant-based sources, such as legumes.

Alternatively, Leanbean is a good source of choline, which moderates several body and brain functions. In addition to the various other “brain foods” incorporated in the formula, the makers of Leanbean go far beyond weight loss benefits.

3- Vitamin B6, B12

As a whole, B-Vitamins are good sources of energy that fend off lethargy effectively. At the same time, B6 and B12, and the choline and zinc included in the Leanbean formula, aid homocysteine reduction.

In other words, the blend of these memory-sharpening components improves neurological functioning. As a matter of fact, lowered homocysteine levels may help combat the onset of neurologic disorders, such as Alzheimer’s.

4- Green Coffee

There’s no better way to wake up in the morning than with a cup of coffee. Indeed, caffeine is one of my guilty pleasures, and not just because it is in my delicious morning cup of joe.

In fact, the caffeine found in tea, coffee, and other beverages is an instant mood and metabolism booster. Moreover, if you have heard about the slimming properties of green tea, then gear up for the new green beverage that is taking over the weight loss circles – green coffee.

Unlike regular coffee beans, these are healthier unroasted alternatives – and indeed, Leanbean derives its name from this ingredient.

Commonly abbreviated as “GCE,” Green Coffee Extract contains chlorogenic acids and organic compounds, such as polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties and promote weight loss. At the same time, the restrained concentration of caffeine it lends to the product provides a healthy alternative to your daily shot of espresso.

5- Turmeric

The age-old “golden spice” is now being called the “thermogenic spice” among wellness circles. After all, the main component in turmeric – curcumin – is believed to aid fat loss by heating body temperature.

Apart from being a powerhouse ingredient that seeks to pack the experience of a sauna in a bit of spice, turmeric is also known for its excellent antioxidant effects.

6- Chromium Picolinate

Suffice to say, the makers at Leanbean have put together a formula that utilizes several ingredients with qualities that simultaneously target neurological and weight-related issues. That being said, Chromium Picolinate is another such component; not only does it help maintain blood glucose that controls insulin levels, it also enhances oxygenation.

7- Zinc

For a long time, zinc has been hailed as a magic supplement for a healthier immune system, which isn’t out of the ordinary considering how it is an essential nutrient. However, recent studies have shown that zinc, in fact, supports healthy testosterone levels as well. And while testosterone is commonly known as the “masculine hormone,” it is also secreted by the ovaries.

That being said, sneaking in this vital mineral to your diet with Leanbean keeps the doctor away and also helps in supporting muscle mass.

8- Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia, more simply known as the Malabar tamarind, is a well-loved tropical fruit found in India and parts of Southeast Asia. While the natives in these parts relish the sweet and sour flesh of the fruit, the rind is making ripples in the American health and wellness market.

Traces of hydroxy citric acid (HCA) found on the outer skin are believed to possess appetite-suppressing qualities and are increasingly being marketed for weight loss.

9- Acai Berry

Acai bowls are all the rage among diet-conscious circles. At the center of these beautiful and delicious smoothie bowls is the Acai Berry that is native to the Amazon forests.

Many people relish the distinct flavor of Acai berries, which can be described as a cross between the tartness of blackberries and the richness of chocolate. At the same time, this ingredient is jam-packed with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants and is being championed as a powerful tool for weight loss.

10- Piperine

Piperine, another flavonoid that doubles up as a beneficial component, is extracted from black pepper. Interestingly, this bioactive compound is initially tasteless, but it does leave a lasting impression – and I’m not just talking about the burning aftertaste.

Apart from its nutrient absorption capacity that binds together every other ingredient in Leanbean, piperine has specific anti-inflammatory properties. At the same time, it is believed to raise dopamine and serotonin levels, even when ingested in black pepper.

Leanbean Review – Final Words

leanbean reviews

To reiterate, weight loss is just a battle of calories in versus calories out. That being said, eating a balanced diet and jogging off a few calories a few times a week is the way to go. If all fails, or you are unhappy with the pace of your results, hormones may be the culprit.

Although a licensed physician is the best person to point you in the right direction, there’s no harm in giving this Leanbean organic formula a try to combat fluctuating hormones and weight. After all, this supplement isn’t just an appetite suppressant.

It also doubles up as a picker-upper for those who are prone to lethargy and low energy levels. Shedding those extra pounds is a bonus that will make you feel lighter – literally, and by removing the weight of the looming health risks of obesity.

And with that, I conclude this Leanbean review. I hope it was able to show you all the ways that women can seek to gain energy and lose weight from this product! For men looking at the best fat burner checkout our PhenQ review.