Meghan Trainor Weight Loss Journey: 5 Inspirations For You!

It was a warm summer day when I decided to open up my Instagram and came across what? Meghan Trainor weight loss news where she has shed off around 20 pounds off herself.

Indeed, it was a shocking and inspiring thing for any of her fans. Here, it is not only someone’s story of fighting her cravings and lazy self but a lesson for all.

In this article, we will dig up Meghan Trainor weight loss step by step so that you feel motivated for all of your next workout sessions.

Who is Meghan Trainor?

Meghan Trainor

Having no need of introduction, Meghan Trainor is a 27-year old American singer plus songwriter plus talent show judge you may be seeing since 2009 on your screens. She got prominent after releasing her Debut song “All about the bass” with Epic Records.

To date, Meghan Trainor has received various awards and nominations. In 2016, she was also awarded a well-deserved Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

Moreover, Meghan also played a voice-over artist in the movie Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017) and Playmobil: The Movie (2019).

Trainor Weightloss Journey, How it All Started?

In 2014, when Meghan was 21 years old, she debuts with her song “All about the bass”. In this song, Trainor stood up for plus-sized women.

As the lyrics and video point out, Meghan Trainor’s message was to appreciate all bodies and accept them as normal. With all these thoughts, her recent weight loss symbolizes that even Meghan is an admiral of all sizes, her health comes first.

Trainor got engaged to Daryl Sabara in 2018, who you have seen as Spy Kids character Joni Cortez in your childhood. He was the one who brought the best out of herself, claims Meghan.

He inspired Meghan to eat healthier and lose weight for good. “He really changed my life. He showed me how working out can be fun. I love that feeling now; I am addicted to it,” Says Meghan Trainor in an interview.

After all, what is the meaning of love and a partner if they cannot inspire you and support you in your journey to claim your better version?

Additionally, some more reasons have pushed Meghan to remain stuck on this weight loss journey.

Why did Meghan decide to opt for a weight loss journey?

Meghan Trainor Weight Loss before and after

Meghan has met her Special Someone for Life.

When you meet someone extraordinary in your life whom you love, you plan a life with them. The same is what Meghan did as she met Daryl Sabara.

She wanted to have babies and have good food that Trainor can use for bringing them up in the future.

Meghan has a baby fever

“I have a crazy baby fever,” said Meghan Trainor in her old interview. Now a mother to a healthy and beautiful baby boy, she revealed that her mom had babies at her age, and so does she want to.

Therefore, Meghan started training her body and a healthy lifestyle to welcome her babies in a mindful environment.

Trainor is doing it for her future self

Meghan Trainor weight loss goals are to make her future self as healthy as she can. Trainor wants a future that is free from all kinds of diseases, including mental.

So Meghan has started adopting a fitness regime with a good diet and making it part and parcel of life.

Trainor wants a long life

Trainor wants to look young forever. Meghan further says in an interview that she is just 24 and wants to live forever. For that, she cut off alcohol and stopped doing any experiments on her skin. Now, she wants acne-free skin.

Meghan uttered these words in an old interview, and now she is stuck to them for her health.

How has Meghan Trainor managed her Weight loss Journey over time?

meghan trainor weight loss tips

We have divided Meghan Trainor weight loss journey into a timeline as follows.

Year 2014

The year Meghan shot to fame with her debut song on embracing curvy women. At that time, she was a plus-sized heavy woman, never knowing what the future holds a 20-pound weight loss for her.

Year 2017

Meghan got engaged to Daryl Sabara and started her weight loss journey. In an interview, she told the press that she likes to work out using Focus T25 exercise DVDs and became obsessed with it. But it wasn’t easy for her since she gained weight again.

Year 2018

This was when Meghan Trainor’s weight got good 10 pounds again. As she was first on intense workout and diet, Trainor lost weight quickly. “If you are looking to lose your body fat quickly, then you have to try PhenQ Pills“. Few months past and it came back again.

“I immediately noticed, like, ‘Oh, there’s a ten back,’ and then I had to lose it again. So that’s a lesson to learn.”

Year 2019

By this year, Meghan felt the need for good nutrition and workout. So she opts for normal yet healthy eating without pushing herself.

Trainor, while talking to press told them that she wants to be happy and eat healthy. If not eating homemade food, she starts having food poisoning and horrible stomach disorders.


Meghan Trainor has successfully ditched acne and other skin-related problems with all these years’ efforts. Transformation helped Trainor in managing her physical and mental health in a better way.

Were the efforts worth it for Meghan Trainor weight loss?

Yes, since

  • She has started feeling healthy.
  • She escaped dark shadows of depression and sadness.
  • She gained more energy and put chronic fatigue to the end.
  • She ditched acne and has flawless skin now.
  • She looks more charming and beautiful than ever.

5 inspirations we can take from Meghan Trainor’s Weight loss Journey

meghan trainor weight loss diet

To make yourself cut off carbs and shed harmful fat, you need to make a pledge to yourself. Following are some lessons to learn from Meghan Trainor weight loss to make yourself feel better.

1- Learn From The Better People Around You

Just like Meghan drew his inspiration from husband Daryl Sabara, who was better than her in this aspect, you can do this too. Celebrity or anyone you meet, never stop your learning due to your grudges from that person.

Accept the wisdom, and it will pay you back.

2- Work Hard, Even When You Don’t Want To

Meghan says that sometimes when her husband Daryl Sabara asked her for the workout, she wasn’t feeling for it. Still, she was like, “No — but OK”.

Her resistance paid her back in good, and she reached what she aimed.

3- Be Mindful On Your Choices

As Meghan says, a healthy diet is important. For that, she chooses home-cooked food saying, “I’ve been eating clean.” Hence, if you become mindful of your diet and remain strong, it will become your habit.

It will be enough motivation to go and work out as you have control over your actions.

4- Commit To Your Future Self

Stand in front of the mirror and imagine your future. You can clearly see a person with poor health, dull skin, and maybe having a severe disease if you are not a person with a healthy lifestyle now.

So work for that version of yourself, and every time you get demotivated, repeat the same practice.

5- Overall, Love The Process

You can achieve nothing if you don’t love the grind. For an effective habit making process, you need to convince yourself. So eat everything by making healthy versions of your favorite dishes.

Do not overburden yourself because that’s how you will be easily fed up by the routine.

Tips that you can follow

Here are some tips that you can incorporate in your workout and diet plan and kick start your own weight loss journey

  • Drink plenty of water a day. You can start off by drinking 1 liter daily.
  • Every morning, make yourself a lemon or fenugreek seeds water and drink it empty stomach.
  • Your breakfast is the first meal of the day. Have a lot of proteins in it, and never skip it for the love of yourself.
  • By breakfast, we never mean that you should eat cereals as it will burst your sugar levels. Try eating oats instead.
  • Have a portion of veggies, especially green leafy ones.
  • At least have 2 to 3 servings of fruits per day.
  • Avoid consuming takeouts and frozen foods.
  • Workout for at least 10 minutes daily.
  • Have a complete sleep of 8 hours in a cold environment.
  • Have a cheat day every two weeks but make sure you have earned it.


To summarize, Meghan Trainor does have a positive attitude toward all the bodies. But she never made this an excuse to not stay healthy herself. Just by being conscious about her diet and body, she lives a complete and happy life.

You can also follow Meghan Trainor footsteps and shed some pounds off yourself. You only have to opt for a good diet and watch what you do all day.

Start planning your weight loss now because you won’t waste any time.